Bringing up children is a challenge. Bringing up 8 of them – including foster children – is an even greater challenge. How about adding a working farm, livestock, and a home-based business to the mix? Let’s not stop there; let’s think about moving all the people, livestock, and material possessions from Kentucky to Georgia. Would you be able to maintain your sanity through it all? If so, could you remain at peace and be a joyful witness to the redeeming work of our Messiah Yeshua?

If this sounds impossible, maybe you should listen to Michael Marlin’s story. That’s exactly what he and his family have done recently. Now that they are settled in their new home in North Georgia, Michael is able to share his family’s story with us! We begin our two-part visit with Michael in this podcast, along with music by Mason Clover and Jimmie Black. Our Elders Barry Phillips and David Jones round out the show with a discussion about joy – the kind of joy that rises above circumstances and reflects the love of our Heavenly King.

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