Whenever we fight against evil, there is often the danger of becoming the very evil we seek to destroy. Is that possible in this righteous war Israel is now waging against the brutal enemy called Hamas? How should people of God respond to the barbarous actions of Hamas in their invasion of Israel on October 7, 2023? That’s the question Samuel Wearp tackles in this concluding part of our conversation.

Barry Phillips and David Jones approach that same question from a different direction in their midrash, “Love and Warfare.” This earth remains a combat zone until Messiah’s return, although we don’t always realize it. Whatever our circumstances, however, we have an unchangeable God Who is our refuge. That’s what we hear in the music of Samuel and Benjamin Wearp, and of Melody Joy.

Samuel and his family are intimately connected to Israel through their business, Blessed Buy Israel, and through Ten From the Nations. To learn more about how you can connect to Israel, check out both websites: 

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