Authors might describe the process of writing as the process of sharing with their readers the inspiration that moved them to write. Often that inspiration comes from personal experience. The best novels, for example, reflect the author’s life journey. That is exactly what we find in Stones of Wrath: The Tapestry, Susanne Ratcliffe’s debut novel developed around the theme of Israel’s wandering tribes and their descendants in modern Europe. In this second part of our conversation, Susanne tells us her story, which includes details about her family roots in Australia and England. Readers who are captivated by her historical fiction will find echoes of her family history in her characters and the action of the novel. Those who have not yet read Stones of Wrath: The Tapestry will hear in Susanne’s story a preview of what they will find in the book.  

A major feature of Susanne’s writing is the Providence of God. Her characters who have a relationship with the Almighty live in expectation of His Providence, especially in troubled times. Teshuva and Will Spires touch on God’s Providence in their songs about His promises, and Barry Phillip and David Jones provide scriptural context for it in a two-part conversation they call, “Honey on the Ground.”

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