Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

On February 23-24, 2023, I was given the opportunity by B’ney Yosef North America to attend the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, in Houston, Texas. The event was held in the Westin Galleria Hotel, inside the Galleria indoor mall. The event included a concert, a prayer breakfast, breakout sessions, and a Shabbat meal. This was the 17th Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast that has been somewhere else in the world outside of Jerusalem. There have been six of these events in Jerusalem, with the next one coming at the end of May.

The people that attended seemed to be mostly Christian, along with some Jews, Messianic Jews, and Hebrew Roots people. I really had no way to gauge the crowd makeup. I did not detect anyone who was openly embracing the return of the twelve tribes of Israel. I did have my name badge which showed that I was from B’ney Yosef, and I had several people ask me what B’ney Yosef North America was. The name badge helped me communicate the hope of return for the children of Joseph.

One of the breakout sessions included former congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a left-leaning Israeli Knesset member named Tatiana Mazarsky, and a right-leaning Israeli Knesset member named Ohad Tal. They discussed the recent Israeli government struggle with Judicial reform. The conversation got a little heavy. Michele Bachmann made it a prayer opportunity for everyone.

It became very apparent to me that we need to be out there to communicate the Ephraimite hope at such events. It also is apparent to me that we need to get our story out in many different ways: broadcast media, print, and fellowship. When the prophesied troubles multiply at the end of this age and there is no hope left in the people, they will need answers. They will need to come to the reality of their identity as part of the Covenant Nation of Israel, an identity shared with our Jewish brethren of the House of Judah.

Greg Raley

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Shalom, Greg Raley

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