As the leadership of BYNA continues to be sensitive to the Ruach, we are sensing Father directing us as we “work the furrows”.

Many of us have come into this walk from the church, which has provided us with a wonderful foundation of knowing Yah, His Son, and His ways. Granted, we are learning what it means to have a soft and tender heart so that His instructions can be written there. Then, we cultivate our relationship with Him, loving Him, and following Him because we LOVE Him so much.

As we come out of the church, many often think we are all alone on this walk. Some are very fortunate to have local congregations that support this walk, but many do not. And there are a lot of people who gather in homes for sharing together and fellowship. One of the challenges in these home groups is that no one wants to take the role of leadership. Leaders who often lead by necessity and not by recognized gifting do so out of compassion for the group, which is fundamental to developing a pastoral, shepherd’s heart.

Leaders are not born, they are developed, trained, equipped, have hands laid upon them, are commissioned and sent. This is an Apostolic Opportunity for us to step into. I asked the question, “Where are the apostles?” Well, the answer may be that they are the ones who step up to meet the need of them. Are Apostles not developed, trained, equipped, with hands laid upon them, commissioned and sent?

We can’t continue with a “Call if you need us” approach.  We must find a way to seek out small groups and congregations, take their pulse, ask meaningful, helpful questions, LISTEN carefully to what they’re saying, pray earnestly with them and for them, and then take actions to help  them according to their need and readiness.

Building trust is the difficult part as some may see us as interfering or seeking to control them. Our approach must be tactful and seen only as servanthood. Strengthening the local groups by encouragement, support, training, problem solving, and walking alongside them is one of, if not the first, furrow to undertake.

Please pray for us as we wait on Yah for further direction.

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