Suuqiina’s Resignation response

On August 28, 2o22 the Elders and Administrators of Bney Yosef North America received a letter of resignation as Elders from Drs. Suuqiina and Qaumaniq, due to increasing health issues and “…challenges that have altered our lives and our abilities.” While we certainly understand these circumstances and empathize with the Suuqiina’s, we will greatly miss their incredible insights and shared wisdom. The Elders have chosen to sadly accept their resignation, honoring their request, with much prayer, love, and appreciation for so much that we have gained by walking together with them.

Exodus/Shemot 19:5 includes the phrase “…you shall be My treasured possession above all peoples…”. This description is first and foremost applied to Am Yisrael. I believe this sentiment can also be aptly applied to Suuqiina and Qaumaniq. May our Yah grant to them continued days of increasing health, strength, and meaningful relationships with loving and supporting people. We encourage prayers for them, perhaps cards of appreciation for ministry you have received from them, and visiting their website, to purchase artworks, books, and gifts.

May Yah grant them the ability to run with patience the race set before them and finish exceptionally well. We love and support them both.

Barry Phillips
Chairman, Elders of BYNA

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  1. The witty Dr. Suuqiina and his wife, the wise Dr. Qaumaniq are a treasured people among Adonai יהוה Eloheinu’s peculiar, stiff necked and treasured nation. Amanda and I have enjoyed all of our numerous meetings with these “זקנים” “zekenim” or “bearded ones”. The roots of the Hebrew word for “elders” is the same as “beard”.

    Praises to You, Adonai יהוה Elohim, as we ask that You bless these Native and Indigenous Peoples who’ve brought much of their wit and wisdom to some of Your Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and to the House of Judah, and to all First Nations peoples of the Americas. We come together in unity to ask b’Shem יהושוע haMashiach, that You heal them and keep them under Your protective Wing. We thank You for blessing us with their presence, teachings, stories, and art and we pray that Your Face shines upon them all of their days. Your mercies endure forever.

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