Praises to The Holy One of Israel, You are worthy of our continual praises!

Your love for us is great and everlasting. Your goodness continually surrounds us. Your lovingkindness is abundant.

You go before us and prepare the way. Your provisions overtake us.

Your hand of healing is upon us.

You hear the call of our heart and send help. 

You send comfort in our time of need.

Your redemption and plan of salvation have come before us. You open our understanding.

You pour out the gifts of your spirit upon us. 

You guard and protect us.

You guide and direct us.

You are our strength and endurance.

Abba, thank you for continuing to reveal who You are. We desire to make the personal changes needed to see you clearly and stand as overcomers in Your Kingdom.

Mark and Polly Webb

BYNA Elders

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