Am I worthy to be near Yahweh? It is a question that has surely haunted the hearts of countless individuals throughout history. The search for self-worth often leads us to measure ourselves against the standards of others or society in general. But perhaps the answer lies not in our perceived worth, but in the profound declaration that Yahweh Himself loves us and desires a relationship with us.

Our worth should not be determined by the opinions of others or even our own flawed judgments. Instead, we should view our worth through the eyes of the One who created us, the One who knows us intimately. Yahweh valued us so deeply that He sent His Son to bridge the gap between us, to make a way for reconciliation and to restore our relationship with Him.

In this pursuit of closeness with Yahweh, we must remember that it is not our accomplishments or good deeds that make us worthy. It is the unconditional love and grace extended to us by our Creator. It is His desire to draw near to us and envelop us in His love, regardless of our perceived worthiness.

When we allow ourselves to embrace Yahweh’s love, we find solace in knowing that it is not about our past mistakes, our shortcomings, or even our achievements. It is about the profound truth that Yahweh loves us unconditionally, flaws and all. He sees the beauty within us, and He longs to have a deep, personal relationship with each one of us.

Let us release the burdens of self-doubt and inadequacy, for Yahweh’s love surpasses all limitations. In His eyes, we are worthy. We are cherished. We are His beloved children. May we accept this truth and embrace the privilege of drawing near to Yahweh, knowing that our worth lies not in ourselves but in the unchanging love of our Creator.

Dr. David Jones

BYNA Elder

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