I grew up with Christian values and traditions in a small village, population 300. Three churches were built to accommodate three different denominations. Memories of my dad having Sunday dinner ready after church, my mom playing the church piano, vacation Bible school, church youth camps, revivals, Easter and Christmas celebrations are all part of the beginning of my current relationship and understanding with The Living Word of YHWH.

During these beginning years of my walk, miracles occurred that I cannot explain, and my prayers were answered. The mercy and compassion of YHWH were evident even though personal changes and repentance were just beginning. The good work the Spirit of YHWH had begun in me was and continues to be at work.

This past July, I returned to visit this small village. I was broken to see the three small churches closing due to only a few people in each congregation. I asked, could the few Christians remaining not lay down their doctrinal lines and respectfully gather to worship and study and grow together?

The answer was NO. Each congregation stood firm that they could not be in the presence of the practices of congregations that did not share their beliefs.

Is it possible a day will come that will cause us all to lay down ourselves and gather as an echad people that call upon The Name of The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and let Him continue the good work of personal change and repentance he began in all of us as we prepare to approach our coming King?

Pollyanna Webb

BYNA Elder

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