It has been said often that we are all on a journey, and we are. It has also been said, “you never know where you might find yourself next on this journey.” How true is that?! With this in mind, how many of us seem desperate at times to know what is next? Why are so many of us inclined to study the book of Revelation and the prophets or listen to prophetic voices to hear the latest update on what is next? Does it really matter if we know? Does it matter if we don’t know? Do we trust our Father enough to cease trying to figure it all out and simply hand over everything about our future to Him?  

I started my journey with Yeshua on April 28, 1982, so more than 40 years. During most of these years I tried my best to live this “Christian life” yet unaware that I was basically charting my own way. This eventually led to a five-year segment of this journey that was very similar to the prodigal son story in the bible. I found myself lost in a kind of wilderness and didn’t know how to find my way out. I was afraid, lonely and in trouble. One day I cried out to Yahweh for help who very soon graciously rescued me out of that situation through a vision that rocked my world. He revealed to me how completely in control He is of all things, and how serious He is about fulfilling His will in the earth. That day I surrendered to Him total control of my life. 

I’d like to share a quote from an article written by Skip Moen that helped me stop trying to figure out future events and the next leg of my journey so I could focus on today. 

“…if (YHVH) doesn’t choose to let me in on the secrets of the universe, I still know what I need to do today. And then I have to trust Him…that’s the point, isn’t it?”  Skip Moen

Also, according to Jeff Benner of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center, Torah in original Hebrew is related to a Journey not doctrine, and Mitzvah (Commandments) means “directions for the Journey.”

Tommy Wilson

BYNA Family Reunion Director

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