While change is inevitable, our responses to those changes are not universal, congruent, or even similar. Everyone responds differently depending upon their personalities, present circumstances, and view to their futures. Here’s a relevant scripture:

If anyone teaches differently and does not agree to the sound words, those of our Master Y’shua Messiah, and to teaching which .is according to reverence, he is puffed up, understanding none at all, but is sick about questionings and verbal battles from which come envy, strife, slander, wicked suspicions, worthless disputes of men of corrupt minds and deprived of truth, who think that reverence is a means of gain -withdraw from sue . But reverence with contentment is great gain.1 Tim.6:3-6

Any changes are going to place contentment and discontentment at odds with one another. Some changes cannot be dismissed, altered, or ignored and we must “go-with-the-flow” and endure with patience and hope. Some changes can be dealt with, and options discovered to make one’s situation better or less stressful. In those cases, we must do what we can to help our situation or, at least, to keep it from deteriorating.

Rabbi Shaul (Apostle Paul) said, “Not that I speak concerning need, for I have learned to be content in whatever state I am. I know what it is to be humbled, and I know what it is to have in excess. In any and every situation I have learned both to be filled, and to be hungry, both to have in excess, and to be in need. I have strength to do all, through Messiah who empowers me.Phil.4:11-13

According to Rabbi Shaul, contentment is something that is learned, and that learning curve is different for everyone. So, be patient, be kind, and be humble – change is coming.

Dr. Suuqiina

BYNA Elder

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