My Creator, The Mighty One of Israel, invited me to have a relationship with him.  I accepted His invitation, and our relationship began. He drew me closer to Himself by the work of The Spirit of Truth, The Holy Spirit. 

The Spirit of Truth began to open my awareness and understanding of who He is, of who I was, and of His plan and purpose for our relationship.

I had experienced life in His presence and wanted our relationship to grow closer.

John 16:13 told me when The Spirit of Truth came, I would be guided into all the truth and things that are yet to come would be declared to me. 

I found these words to be active in my life, The Spirit of Truth was drawing me closer to my Creator. I was comprehending what pleased Him.

His written word was lighting a path leading me closer towards Him. He delighted in revealing how I could obtain a life of blessings and not of curses.

Things that were to come were being declared to me as I was guided in Truth.

Abba – continue to sanctify us in your truth Your Word is The Truth. John 17:17


Mark Webb

Servant Leader,  Living Messiah Ministries 

Elder, B’ney Yosef North America

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