While spending time reading, meditating, praising, praying, and fasting I’ve listened closely for the guiding voice of my Heavenly Father.

A childhood memory came to mind of being a young boy, hearing the sound of my mother’s

whistle while playing football with friends a couple of blocks from home.

The whistle was the voice of my mother letting me know it was time to return home. None of

the other boys ever paid any attention to the whistle. My ears were trained to hear the voice of

my mother, and I knew exactly what this sound meant.

Time spent with my Heavenly Father has trained my ear to hear the sound of his voice; to recognize His whistle to return home and to recognize the sound of His guidance and counsel that reveal areas of my walk that I need to change.

As I trust in His redemption, I seek His forgiveness and removal of my sins, iniquities, and

transgressions recorded against me.

The word forgiveness in Greek is the word “aphesis” and is sometimes used for remission or

release as seen in the shemmitah or Jubilee.

Forgiveness is a result of redemption. The record of my sins, transgressions, and iniquities is

eligible to be canceled and pardoned. I just need to submit an acknowledgement and request.

Now salvation can begin sculpting personal changes. I no longer desire that which I was

released from. I can stand as a witness of the love and grace of my Heavenly Father.

I give thanks for the redemptive work of Messiah Yeshua.

Our release has been proclaimed. Our debt has been forgiven. Let us acknowledge, request

and receive our pardon.

May our names be written in The Lamb’s Book of Life!

Mark Webb

BYNA Elder

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  1. My mother also would whistle for us to come home when we were playing outside. It was her unique sound and all the kids knew it. We immediately ran home then. I can identify with you when hearing the “come home” whistle.

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