Behold the Lamb

After pursuing a Hebraic understanding of Scripture, teaching Torah, and revealing Y’shua in His Jewish identity for about 15 years, I realized that something might yet be missing. I had come to realize who the Scriptures said I was, an exile from the House of Yosef, an Ephraimite of the Lost Sheep of Yisrael. I was comfortable with that identity and with the realization that the prophets declared our eventual reunion with our Jewish brothers and family upon Messiah’s return.

When it came to the feasts of Yah, Pesach/Passover, Shavu’ot, and Sukkot, in particular, I saw that we normally followed the Jewish liturgy, customs, and traditions. While I fully support our Jewish family and all of their observances for them, neither I nor those I lead are Jewish. So in the observance of Pesach, we had followed the traditional Seder that brother Yehudah has followed for generations, having no other recourse or materials available. There is nothing wrong with doing so and I support and encourage those who do.

But I felt led to write something for Ephraim, those in Exile, without a Jewish heritage or culture, who very well may have come from a Christian background. We are not yet in the Land awaiting the Messiah but are in Exile, looking for our miraculous regathering and restoration. The Seder of the Exile is written for us, following the traditional Jewish outline but with a focus on what the meal means to us. This Seder includes revelation about Y’shua as the Pesach Lamb, textual references to our coming deliverance, and our soon restoration.

Just as Yisrael was delivered from Egypt/Mitsrayim then, we seek to be delivered from our Exile now. We look back, observe the present, and anticipate the future in this Seder.

Please use the Seder of the Exile with freedom and enjoy. You may freely duplicate to your need, share, video its use, and post on your social media.

Chag Pesach Sameach Pesach,
Barry Phillips.

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