Excitement grew as the anticipated day had arrived. Our vehicle was piled high with camping

necessities. We were off for a couple days to a favorite mountain top. A family tradition of

experiencing a few days of no water, no electric, no outside connections, just miles and miles

of nature surrounding us. Seven of our children and seven grandchildren joined us.

As often experienced, family adventures usually come with life lessons.

It was early morning on our last day at camp. We woke up filled with joy, our oldest son

counted his 34th year of life, a gift only our Heavenly Father can give.

Our son brought two ATVs along, as he hoped for some off-road exploring time with his dad.

They set out on a ride on our last day of camp before having to pack up.

As children ran, jumped and played, potatoes and onions sizzled on the fire, breakfast burritos

were on the menu.

Burritos now ready, no riders were back. Previous rides had not been this long, we became concerned.

Morning now warm, no riders were back, concern and thoughts grew.

Time passing, concern and thoughts continued to grow and a plan was made. If they didn’t

arrive within the hour someone would go look for them.

When the hour approached, we began to hear the faint sound of an ATV. As the sound came

closer we recognized the smiling faces of the riders. All was well, time had escaped them while

having fun.

In a flash all my thoughts of concern turned to frustration mixed with anger. Did they not think

that maybe they should have kept better track of time? I held back very little while letting

everyone in the camp know how inconsiderate I felt this was.

Needless to say, packing camp took place in silence as my words ended the smiles and


On the quiet drive home, The Holy Spirit continued the good work in me. My eyes filled with

tears wishing my family would have witnessed a thanksgiving offering for a safe return go up

from my lips instead of my words of frustration.

Upon arriving home, we gathered around our Shabbat table we had set before leaving. I offered

up a thanksgiving offering for the safe off-road exploring trip my son experienced with his dad. I

repented before my Heavenly Father and to my family for allowing selfish thoughts to keep me

from giving thanks.

How many times have I missed an opportunity to give thanks? Ephesians 5:20 – “always giving thanks for all things…”

Thank you, Abba, for allowing me to see the changes I need to make to master the culture of

your Kingdom.

Polly Webb,

BYNA Elder

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