Would you listen to a radio station that plays music performed with excellence by Christian, Messianic and Jewish artists? How about a station that proclaims the Gospel of the Kingdom while promoting Biblical scholarship that values thousands of years of Jewish and Christian heritage? What about a station that honors the commandments of our Creator, and practices that by paying all music licensing fees and submitting all required reports to the performance rights organizations? In other words, a radio station that strives to be an edifying source of company and community, where the people of Messiah’s Kingdom can gather in unity.

If this sounds appealing, then you might want to check out I Will Gather You Radio. This brand-new internet radio station is the vision of Jeff Apthorp, a radio professional with over 30 years of experience in Christian broadcasting. Not long ago, Jeff came to understand the Torah’s relevance to Yeshua’s followers and our Hebraic identity as children of Abraham and members of the Messianic Kingdom of Israel. This revelation inspired Jeff to contribute his gifts, talents, and experience to create a resource that proclaims the Gospel of the Kingdom in ways that promote unity among the widely diverse elements of the Kingdom.

The opportunity to put this inspiration into action arose shortly after Jeff retired from his career in Christian broadcasting. He had already been serving as the chief audio technician for Founded in Truth Fellowship in Rock Hill, South Carolina, for about two years, so it was only natural that he approach the leadership and propose launching an internet radio station as a ministry of the fellowship. With their blessing, Jeff launched I Will Gather You Radio in the spring of this year, even before he had coordinated the full range of programming.

Even at this early stage, I Will Gather You offers an impressive array of music, covering a wide spectrum of Christian, Messianic, and Jewish worship from traditional hymns to modern and contemporary sounds from a variety of international artists. The music accentuates the teachings of recognized names in Hebraic and Messianic scholarship, such as 119 Ministries, Matthew Vander Els, PD & Christina Vander Westhuizen, J.K. McKee, and Tyler Dawn Rosenquist. Then there are special features designed to inform, educate, and bring together this worldwide body of Kingdom people. One of those is the Shema and Lord’s Prayer, broadcast four times daily. On Fridays, Jeff has programmed the welcoming of Shabbat each hour to coincide with the onset of the Sabbath in each time zone around the globe. The special features also mark the Appointed Times on our Creator’s calendar, such as daily recitation of the Omer blessing during this season of counting the Omer.

B’ney Yosef North America is also blessed to have a place on I Will Gather You Radio: our flagship podcast, Reunion Roadmap, airs Monday through Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm Eastern. We recently interviewed Jeff about the new station. Our visit with him covers three shows, which you can access at the following links:

Reunion Roadmap: In the Business of Gathering, with Jeff Apthorp, part 1

Reunion Roadmap: In the Business of Gathering, with Jeff Apthorp, part 2

Reunion Roadmap: In the Business of Gathering, with Jeff Apthorp, part 3

Whether you like uplifting music, inspirational teaching, or in-depth Biblical scholarship, I Will Gather You Radio has something for you. There are even free iPhone and Android apps available for download so you can carry I Will Gather You wherever you go! Just visit https://iwillgatheryou.com/ and investigate this exciting new resource!

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