Kathy Collier unexpectedly went home to be with the Lord on December 3, 2021. She left behind Dan, her husband of 60 years, her son Brooks and his wife Shannon, and beloved grandchildren. She joined their daughter, Laurie, who passed on years earlier from cancer. For all of us who knew Kathy, the loss is acute and heart-rending. As Dan told me, “I wake up in the morning and Kathy is not there.” They as a couple had served as elders for BYNA for several years.

Though we had met earlier, we really got to know Dan and Kathy when we shared a Hands-To-The-Land experience in Israel sponsored by Dennis and Tirzah Dee in the fall of 2005. Traveling around Israel, viewing the sights, and talking about our faith, quickly knit us together. As couples, we had both experienced the agony of losing a child and that common experience further cemented our friendship. We quickly learned that everywhere Dan and Kathy went, people were going to learn about the two Houses of Israel and their eventual reunification.

Dan and Kathy also came out and visited us at EskDale a few years ago. Whenever we spent time with them many things about Kathy were always evident—she was a nurturer, a prayer warrior, and a faithful friend. She and Joie would call each other at least twice a month and just share. When we would visit them these traits again displayed as she was the perfect hostess. Just the Tuesday before her passing she enjoyed a Ring Central Conference call with some of the ladies on the BYNA leadership team—encouraging, empathizing, and praising the Lord.

I was always struck by her personal grace and loveliness. A loveliness that penetrated to her essence. Whether she was with an old friend or hob-knobbing with the rich and famous she never failed to share her faith. She never forgot friends who were sick or hurting and could be depended upon to share a comforting or encouraging word.

She had an eye for beauty. She made a career designing and renovating homes in the Nashville area. She worked with several well-known country-western performers including Reba McEntire in remodeling and redesigning their homes. She combined a ready knowledge of the practical side of construction with an esthetic appreciation for what constitutes true beauty.

Heaven is undoubtedly richer for her presence. Our loss is heaven’s gain. But we have been incredibly enriched by our time together. Goodbye, Kathy, until we meet again.

John Conrad
BYNA Elder

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