How many people walk away from our congregations and fellowships because they don’t feel welcome? Probably more than we are comfortable admitting. It’s not that we intend to exclude people, but our cultural programming doesn’t have much room for those who deal with anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and many other conditions that make it difficult to fit in. This is something we address as we conclude our conversation with Hayley Chase. 

Extending welcome from hearts of compassion is a big part of what our Heavenly Father intends. That’s an aspect of our life in Yeshua that Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in the second half of their midrash on the Plumb Line of Righteousness. It’s also what we hear in the music of our special guest artists Teshuva and Mason Clover.

Check out Stilled Spirits, the Facebook group Hayley hosts that is “meant to be a place where we can share our hearts with honesty.” Stilled Spirits is designed primarily for women who struggle with depression and/or anxiety, but others are welcome.

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