We are pleased to welcome Greg Raley to our Communications Committee, overseeing our Social Media efforts. He was introduced to BYNA at the 2016 B’ney Yosef North American Summit, in Tampa, Florida, held March 4-6. He later attended the 3rd Etz B’ney Yosef Congress in Ariel, Israel. He resides in Houston, Texas, where he had an emotional conversion to become a follower of Yeshua at the age of seventeen. He later attended Christ For The Nations, in Dallas, Texas, in 1979, where he met his wife. Upon graduation they went to Israel where they first got an introduction to Messianic believers. They served as youth pastors for several years, then later they were missionary school teachers to, El Salvador. Having moved back to Houston in 2014, he began serving in a Messianic Synagogue as a cameraman then later director of the live-streaming Social Media ministry of Congregation Beth Messiah. In March of 2020, Covid happened. It was then he realized just how important social media is to the kingdom for communications across all barriers.  

Greg feels that “Social media is a very special vehicle which should be harnessed so as to gather the lost tribes of Israel. The lost tribes are spread worldwide. Social media gathers the lost tribes into a structured connectedness known as the “cloud”. Does that sound familiar to you? The Children of Israel were led by a cloud out of Egypt. It is my belief that the Greater Worldwide Exodus will be orchestrated by: first the Holy Spirit, and secondly through our structured connectedness that resides in the “cloud”. The practical logistics of the Greater Exodus will happen in the internet cloud. That structure is built by communication through different aspects in the cloud: Email communication, telecommunications, live-streaming and posting over social media platforms, and texting. We do not dare forsake our meeting together of our fellowships and regional and national and international events, but worldwide command and control to orchestrate the event we know as the Greater Exodus will be successful because of our well thought out communication design prepared beforehand.”

Greg’s vision for social media brings a breath of fresh air to our efforts. The lost sheep of the House of Israel are scattered to the four winds. Everyone needs to do their part to gather our people. Reach out, communicate with each other over social media. Press the “like” buttons if you like a post. Press the “Share” button to share the posts you like as often as possible. Create social media content that edifies, then “post” it. Create a group in your area and invite people around your fellowship area, then connect them to B’ney Yosef. 

Welcome, Greg!

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