When Yeshua said He was sent to seek and to save the lost, was He referring only to the “unsaved”? What about those who have been “saved” (meaning have aligned themselves with the Messiah), but who have wandered away into their old wicked ways? Does He still pursue them and try to being them back, or write them off as a lost cause?

How we answer that question reveals much about how well our own hearts are aligned with Messiah’s Kingdom. One good answer comes in this part of Mark Randall’s story. As you listen, think about that parable of the Sower and the types of soils the seed fell into. It just may be that a our hearts progress through the different types of soil throughout our lives.

The deeper question is how much of our hearts we are willing to turn over to our Creator as His Spirit highlights new areas needing His attention. Barry Phillips and David Jones probe into that question in the context of Shabbat in this midrash they call “Under A Rest.” Solomon Lopez and Kelly Ferrari Mills sing about it in this week’s music selections.

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