What would you think if someone told you the way we handle money, work our jobs, and relate to our employers is very different from God’s intended order as explained in the Bible? Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to hear in the next three shows!  Our guest is Josh Tolley, speaker, advisor, and author of several books, including Quit Your Job Or Die, and EvangelPreneur. Josh shares some of his experience as both a business owner and a student of the Bible, with emphasis on how our current economic system does not match up with what our Creator intended. This is a paradigm-shifting interview that opens the door to an exciting – and sometimes scary – adventure into alignment with our Father’s intended best for His people. 

It is fitting that we have a word on the subject of Blessing in this show! That’s what Barry Phillips and David Jones bring in their midrash, and with them we have music from Lenny & Varda and Jimmie Black.

You can find out more about Josh at his websites:

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