The observant student of the Bible should recognize that prophecy is being fulfilled right in front of us with the return of God’s Chosen People of Israel to the Promised Land. That brings up a challenging question: are we satisfied with simply observing this prophetic process, or do we want to play a role in it?

Dean Bye answered that question many years ago. That’s what brought him and his family into the ministry of helping Jewish people make aliyah and return home to Israel. He’s been doing this through Return Ministries and the Aliyah Return Center, and now is leading a global intercessory effort for Israel through the Altar of Prayer. In this three-part interview, we hear how Dean got involved in this key Kingdom ministry, and how Christians around the world also can get involved!

The basis of Dean’s work is in the fact that all of Israel has been in exile for many centuries. How are the exiles of God’s people to conduct themselves in the lands where they have been scattered? That’s what Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash called, “Daniel and Exile.” Not surprisingly, proper conduct requires intimate connection with our Redeemer, which we hear about in the music of Laura Metzing.

Check out these links to learn more about Dean’s work and see how you might join him in this Kingdom process of the restoration of all Israel:

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