Did you ever follow a nudge from the Holy Spirit, but don’t know what it was all about? Those who hear and obey our God’s direction experience that sometimes, and only learn His reasons years later. In this second part of our conversations with Steve Wearp, he shares such an experience during one of his early visits to Israel, and then what he learned about that experience many years later. It’s part of the process of restoration Israel’s God is doing to fulfill His promises, working through people like Steve and his Jewish and Christian connections with Blessed Buy Israel, Nations’ 9th of Av, HaYovel, and many others. 

God’s promises to Israel involve gathering His people from every part of the world where they have been scattered. David Jones and Barry Phillips dive into that topic in their midrash called, “Gather Together.” We hear more about that in the meditations of our musical guests, the Aleph Tav Band and Will Spires

Want to know more about supporting the Jewish pioneers of Judea and Samaria? Check out these links:

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