What were you doing at the age of 8? That’s the age Morgan Phelps was when she started her first business! Now, at the age of 24, she not only continues to operate her own businesses, she also advises others who would like to go into business or manage their family farms. This three-part conversation with Morgan is both encouraging and informative, and will inspire you to find out what more you might do according to fulfill our God’s purposes for your life! 

Our God does have a purpose for each of us, and He is gracious and merciful. He’s also righteous and just, and that means He has eternal standards that He expects all His creation to meet. So what happens when we refuse to meet those standards? Is there ever a chance we could be exiled from His good graces? Barry Phillips and David Jones investigate that question in “When Does YHVH Not Forgive?” As you might imagine, there’s an element of repentance involved in this, as we hear in the music of Eved Adonai and Teshuva

Want to get in touch with Morgan? Call her at (937) 901-0041 and ask how she might be able to help with your business idea. If you live in South Central Ohio, you might want to take a look at the products offered through Morgan’s food co-op, A Bounty of Eden, accessible at https://www.farmmatch.com/abountyofeden and https://www.localharvest.org/a-bounty-of-eden-M79806

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