So we get saved, and then life turns out much better, right? All our problems get solved, there’s no more conflict and trouble, and we live blessed, peaceful lives from that point on. Isn’t that how it works?

No, actually. Sometimes – many most of the time – life gets more difficult and the trials become harder. That’s what Mark Randall experienced after our Redeemer broke into his life one night in jail. Mark will tell you he didn’t become a saint overnight. Many other divine interventions kept him on the right track,  or at least kept him from straying too far, but his journey with Messiah Yeshua was rocky from the start.

Mark’s story is actually an encouragement and a challenge to cling every more tightly to our Redeemer. That’s what we hear in the music of Rut Banks and Jimmie Black, and in the midrash Barry and David bring about “Discerning Our Life.”

Mark has done wonders improving BYNA’s online presence as our webmaster. To learn more about his automation services, visit his website at

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