Jews and Christians (including Messianic and Hebrew Roots believers) all profess faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Why, then, do we have such trouble getting along? David Nekrutman has a lot to say about that. He’s been involved in bringing these two parts of God’s covenant people together for over 20 years. “Covenant” is the operative term here. In this four-part interview, we explore what that means, starting with David’s book, Your Sabbath Invitation, which he wrote to help Christians understand what the Sabbath is and why it is important for us. 

One common point between Jews and Christians is our expectation that our faith will translate into lifestyles that honor our God. That’s what David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss in their midrash, “Belief or Action.” Samuel & Benjamin Wearp and Will Spires also have something to share about that in their music.  

Want to hear more from David Nekrutman? Here are some helpful links:

To hear more on the topic of Jewish-Christian relations, here are some recent discussions David has participated in:

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