Do we have room in the Body of Messiah for people who sorrow and hurt? We say we do, but what do we learn when we ask some probing questions about our interaction with those who are walking through a lifetime of chronic pain? 

These are the questions we explore with Hayley Chase. The answers often are not encouraging – not because we intentionally exclude those with mental chronic physical health challenges, but because we’re simply not equipped to notice their challenges, nor help them endure and overcome.

This second part of our three-part interview with Hayley introduces a conversation between Barry Phillips and David Jones about adjusting our lives to our Creator’s Plumb Line of Righteousness. Barry and the Aleph Tav Band provide the musical emphasis in this show that investigates some of the practical considerations of living as disciples of Messiah Yeshua.

Check out Stilled Spirits, the Facebook group Hayley hosts that is “meant to be a place where we can share our hearts with honesty.” Stilled Spirits is designed primarily for women who struggle with depression and/or anxiety, but others are welcome.

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