In this show, Reunion Roadmap goes to Israel to interview Brother Mordechai, a spokesman for Ebenezer Home (, a residence for senior citizens in Haifa, Israel. As Mordechai explains, Ebenezer Home is different from other senior citizen homes in Israel: it is the only residence for elderly followers of Yeshua!

We are blessed to hear the sounds of Chanukkah in this show.  Miriam Houtz presents our first song: “Light of the World” from her album Shadows. Greg Brown then shares his original song, “Miracle of Hanukkah.”  You can contact Greg at Gregory Brown Ministries on or send him an email at

The midrash follows a Hanukkah theme as well as Elders Barry Phillips and David Jones discussing dedication and how we are to separate ourselves to the God of Israel. This does not mean that we are separated from our brothers and sisters in the faith, but rather we are all to be gathered together as a family to our Father. Barry and David challenge us again and help to bring clarity to what our dedication to the God of Israel is all about.

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