Barbara Wilkins has had an interesting life. What would you expect from the daughter of a Florida cowboy? Handling livestock imparted many important life lessons to Barbara in her childhood, laying a foundation of faith and appreciation of God’s creation that has helped her in her journey as an intercessor. That journey lately has taken her to the intersection of the Christian and Jewish, or, as we at BYNA might say, the place where Ephraim and Judah meet. That brings us the the reason for our visit with Barbara: her calling to the Nations’ 9th of Av. What is it that drew her into this work that seeks to help us from the Christian side of the family understand our history with the Jewish people, and humbly commit to making a better future in our relationships with our Jewish brothers and sisters? As you listen to Barbara, you just might find something that resonates with your own story! 

Later in the program, Barry and David continue their discussion of prophets, this time wrestling with the issue of Self Deception. The music of Mason Clover and Will Spires completes our show with praise to our King!

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