What are the odds a child in the foster system will ever go to college? Susie Boyle gives that and many more answers to questions about the most vulnerable members of our communities, and about how to make a difference for good in their lives. That is what she does as the Director of Outreach and Partnerships for Fostering the Family, a Christian non-profit dedicated to igniting igniting churches and communities to support foster and adoptive families, and as a guardian ad litem for foster children in South Carolina. In this concluding part of our visit with Susie, she talks about ways everyone can get involved and change the trajectory of children who are in danger of perpetuating a cycle of poverty, abuse, and neglect.

Helping foster kids and their families takes much love and sacrifice. That’s biblical, of course, as Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash on Romans 1`2:1-2, and as Melody Joy and Solomon Lopez explain in their music.

To find out more about Fostering the Family, visit the website at https://fosteringthefamily.org/.

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