Have you ever gone to look for something that has reliably been there, but this time it’s not? That’s what happened to Israel in the wilderness when some of the people went out on Sabbath to find manna. It wasn’t there, of course, just as God had said. He very clearly told them there would be no manna on the seventh day, so they were to gather twice as much on the sixth day. So why were the people who went out on Sabbath surprised? And what hardship did they have to endure simply because they did not listen?

Barry Miller opens this part of our conversation addressing those questions in the context of what may be a Missing Manna Moment coming upon us even now. We are accustomed to cycles of boom and bust, but what if those cycles are disrupted to the point that we no longer have enough to eat? What does that mean for the world, and for God’s people? 

These are sobering questions to ponder – the kind of questions that lead us to think about the meaning of life and our purpose within it. Barry Phillips and David Jones offer some observations on that subject in their midrash, “I’m Here, Now What?” It’s a subject that also inspires our musical guests, Gregory Brown and House of Aaron.

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