Are we living in unprecedented times? It may seem that way, and perhaps the difficult economic, political, social, and spiritual circumstances are unprecedented in some ways. Maybe it’s safe to say that most of us are revising our definition of “hard times” as we endure inflation, social unrest, shortages, and more at levels we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. So how are the people of God to live in these trying times?

That’s a question Barry Miller has considered for half of his life. In 2015, he shared his thoughts in his book, Know the Time, Change Your World: The Reappearance of the Seven- and Fifty-Year Cycles. As a student of the Bible and a successful entrepreneur, Barry began to see recurring patterns of economic downturn and recovery that seem to correlate with the seven year Shemitah (Sabbatical) and the fifty year Yovel (Jubilee) cycles explained in Leviticus 25 and elsewhere in the Torah. In 2022, Barry published some additional thoughts in a blog post entitled, “The Missing Manna Moment.” What exactly does that mean, and how does it help us cope with the cost of gasoline and food? You may be surprised at what Barry has to say about that in this three-part interview! 

Of course, there is no such thing as a “free lunch.” Everything we do comes with a price. Barry Phillips and David Jones look at that from a biblical perspective in their midrash called, “Paying Prices” – a message illuminated by the music of Lenny and Varda and Solomon Lopez.

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