Someone said, “The only constant is change.” How true this experience happens to be. The positive aspect of this experience creates a need to constantly adapt. It requires one to be flexible, tolerant, patient, and resilient. This experience can be quite difficult for those who are rigid and desire for everything to remain the same because they feel safe, contented, and relaxed when things don’t change.

In the TV show, The Big Bang Theory, the actor playing Sheldon has a significant aversion to change. It almost paralyzes him and creates havoc for the characters. His self-created disability is totally irritating to the others and they are constantly forcing change upon him. He remains quite inflexible.

One of the most significant changes we all experience is puberty and there is nothing we can do about it. We cannot delay, prevent, or ignore it. Those who are flexible find it a breeze. The inflexible find it a season of torture, pain, and bewilderment.

When the scriptures speak of going “from glory to glory,” it is implying that we’re going “from change to change.” Change can be a wonderful and exciting experience for those open to it. Many people find that a vacation, a trip, or a celebration gathering can provide the “change-of -scenery” they need to propel them forward out of the humdrum of life.

The changes you experience or make during these 40 days do not have to be large or may not feel significant but they can have long-term affects upon your life and those around you. The Ruach HaKodesh (Holt Spirit) is the greatest shock absorber and flexible influence upon our expression of faith. As they say, “Keep the change!”

Dr. I. Suuqiina

BYNA Elder

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