I’ve heard the idea expressed that “…sometimes we want something until we get it, but then we don’t want it anymore.” That phrase is usually in context of a child thinking that they must have something only to realize their desired thing is not what they thought it might be.

During the Outpourings in the late 1990s, in Pensacola, FL; Toronto, Canada, and other locations, a common prayer offered was, “More, Lord” and “Whatever You have for me tonight, I am willing to receive it.” What was often anticipated was a physical jolt or overwhelming joy, or a complete sense of brokenness leading to life changes. Of all the crowds that gathered for these experiences, one might now ask, “Where are these people and what fruit are they demonstrating?”

In Exodus 19, Yisrael is given three days to prepare for the greatest encounter with YHWH since Adam and Chava (Eve) lived in the Garden. They prepare by washing themselves, their clothes, and their hearts. Yet, they were not prepared for the level of encounter that was  presented to them. They were overwhelmed to the point of the fear of death. They thought they wanted to meet their Deliverer but didn’t want the spectacle when they received it.

Moshe, on the other hand, basked in the glory and splendor of Yah’s Presence, discerning His Voice in the blasts of the shofar. His encouragement to the people was, “Do not fear, for Elohim has come to prove you and in order that His Fear be before you, so that you do not sin.” Exodus 20:20

In seeking to draw near to Him, Yah may very well present Himself to an uncomfortable degree, but do not fear the discomfort; embrace it. May He indeed prove us, revealing our need before Him and allowing the reverential fear of Him to teach us to deny sin to have any part of us.

Barry Phillips

BYNA Elder

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