What does it mean to know? In today’s culture, it may mean a variety of things … to know one’s name – like an acquaintance; or to know, as in knowledge of someone, something. But, in Hebrew, that word goes even deeper. It speaks of intimacy. 

I must admit I am an introvert and I don’t let people get too close to me. This could be a way of protecting myself or it could just be my personality. At any rate, there are not many people that I could look at and say with certainty that they know me intimately. But, Yah/God does!

As a child I knew Yah/God was “up there” watching over all His children and all circumstances, but since He was watching over EVERYONE, He certainly didn’t have time to deal with my insignificant (in the scheme of things) circumstances. However, over time and through my life’s circumstances, I have not only come to the knowledge but also the revelation that He KNOWS me intimately. He created me before I was formed in my mother’s womb (Jer. 1:5, Is. 13:18, Is. 44:24), He created me uniquely me; no-one else is like me. He created me with gifts that I am called to bring for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Many of us realize this, but do we have a reciprocal understanding that He desires for us to intimately know Him? Not only does the God of creation know each of us intimately but He also desires for us to know Him intimately. 

I am reminded of Moses and David (amongst many others) who were “friends of God” … how did that happen? They purposefully spent time with Him. They bared their souls to Him; sometimes in anger, sometimes in praise. They didn’t hide their emotions or feelings and they could do this because they knew that Yah/God loved them beyond their emotions or feelings. 

That deep longing (Ps. 42:1, Is. 26:9, Ps. 38:9) that each of us has inside of us, to know and be known. It is free. It is available to everyone. But it requires time, effort, sacrifice, laying down our will/plans/desires. How about you? Do you know? Are you known? 

Julia Johnson

Executive Secretary, BYNA

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