Learning to Wait
40 Days of Personal Change, Day 3
Elul 3, 5780 / August 23, 2020

Abba has been reminding me of the importance of “waiting” on Him. We, as a nation, have been forced to be in a “waiting” pattern these past few months. So, what is our great King trying to teach us, teach me? 

For me, waiting requires stopping what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, and sometimes what I’m seeing with my natural eyes. Waiting is an action word, not an inaction word. Websters Dictionary defines waiting as “to remain stationary in readiness and expectation.” So, in my waiting, I need to remain calm, full of faith that my Abba will do what He has promised to do on my behalf, being in a state of preparedness for when He reveals to me what the next step is that He has ordained for me. 

My prayer during this time of waiting is that He will be my strength in the waiting. That He will close my eyes, my ears, my mouth so that I can only focus on and hear His still small voice in expectation of what He is calling me to do and be. That is my prayer for you as well. 

I will wait for Him, will you?

Julia Johnson

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