Exploring the Furrows:
A June 2023 BYNA Leadership Update 

As the leadership continues to prayerfully seek the Creator for what it means for BYNA to “explore the furrows” (see last month’s newsletter). One of the aspects that is being explored is partnerships. That’s exactly what BYNA’s leaders have been doing over the past few years in their various ministry networks. One of those developing partnerships is the Nations’ 9th of Av (https://9-av.com/), an organization dedicated to the ministry of reconciliation with our brethren of Yehuda (the Jewish people). Nations’ 9th of Av seeks to raise awareness among Christians of the atrocities done against the Jewish people by the church over the centuries, and to facilitate relationships between these two halves of the Covenant family of Abraham. That’s the purpose behind the Ten from the Nations Tour sponsored by the Nations’ 9th of Av, which will include representation from BYNA.

Another partnership is with the Hebraic Roots Network and the Revive Conference to take place in June 30-July 2 in Franklin, TN. Our very own Barry Phillips will be speaking at a breakout session this year, and BYNA will have a table in the marketplace to share our mission and vision with conference attendees.

The soil has been prepared and, as nature works, things hidden in the soil now begin to become evident … weeds. Weeds can be challenging. They require attention and discernment. Some of the challenges that you can help us pray about are filling of vacant positions both on the Elder board and within the Administrative Council, and how to be proactive in fulfilling the vision Abba has given to BYNA of “regathering.” How can we implement that in a way that makes best use of the resources Abba has provided?

Some of the “furrow building” that has taken place behind the scenes that you may not be aware of are: 

  • Rebuilding our website and social media platforms and working to keep content current, relevant, and nurturing
  • Gathering of a prayer team that meets weekly to pray for guidance for BYNA as well as the Elders and other events that impact Israel 

Even though BYNA does not have a “paid staff,” the work that is done does have a financial cost. If you are blessed by the work of BYNA, would you consider supporting us financially? You can easily set up a monthly recurring donation or a one-time donation at https://bneyyosefna.com/donate/

Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to “explore the furrows!”

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