Living Messiah Ministries began in 2012 as a small home fellowship. As we grew out of homes we met in parks, libraries and any place that could accommodate a group of people.

Our fellowship desired to own a property where a large group of people could gather and celebrate YHWH’s appointed times.

Living in the greater Phoenix area, we envisioned this property in the tall pines where we could experience cooler weather. For about 10 years we explored many locations looking for this property.

In August of 2020 a location in the high desert (4800 ft) of Southeast Arizona came to our attention. We had not explored this area as we were hoping to be surrounded by tall trees.

The 40-acre property had so many of the features we were needing, however, the wilderness location was not what we were anticipating.

We took the matter before The Most High in prayer asking for doors to open and close according to HIs plan and position for us. We presented the property to our Living Messiah Community and a decision was made to make an offer for 80K.

We knew that it would be impossible for us to come up with these funds within 30 days unless the Most High had prepared the way.

30 days later, during Sukkot we closed on the property, paying in full as YHWH provided all funds needed.

Our property was named Windmill Ranch, it is located in Bisbee Arizona, about one mile from the border of Mexico. Three project managers live there full time.

We are an off grid property where we are developing alternative sustaining life skills. We have two wells, a working windmill and are learning to use wind and solar energy.

Our community is currently working on infrastructure, fencing, planting trees, clearing brush, placing shipping containers for storage, building shelters (Sukkah’s) and living spaces. We are implementing permaculture design and learning how to garden and raise animals in the wilderness with all the challenges that surround us.

An area for a community burial ground is also being planned.

This project is much bigger than us. We complete projects as YHWH provides the means and helping hearts and hands. We look forward to developing a place where care and hospitality can be experienced by those in need and by those whom The Mighty One Of Israel is calling to gather for His plan and purpose.

We are most grateful to have met fellow farmers and like-minded believers about a 30 minute drive from the ranch. They have opened their farm for us to gather during Sukkot while we are working on infrastructure. If you plan to be in Arizona during Sukkot consider visiting our web site and register to camp with us or just stop by to say hello.

Abundant Blessings, Mark and Polly Webb Living Messiah Ministries BYNA Elders

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