Leadership Gathering Update

The 2024 Leadership Gathering of B’ney Yosef North America’s Elders and Administrative Council was the best since BYNA’s founding in 2016. The Elders and Administrative Council constitute BYNA’s Governing Body. Each council meets at least monthly, and both meet together quarterly via video teleconference, but the annual Leadership Gathering is the only opportunity for both parts of the Governing Body to meet in person.

Since the members of the Governing Body are scattered across North America, the location of the Leadership Gathering rotates each year from West Coast to East Coast. The Gathering this year took place in early June at House of Aaron in Eskdale, Utah, with John and Joie Conrad as hosts. When we gather, we protocol leaders in the area as our Elders Emeritus Dr. Suuqiina and Qaumaniq have taught us (see their book, Warfare by Honor). Prior to the Gathering, the Conrads had met with the Protestant Pastor at Baker, Nevada, and with the LDS Bishop at Garrison, Utah, to protocol them as the local spiritual leaders. The Conrads were pleasantly surprised at their favorable reception. They will be meeting with local Native American leaders later in June.

The first day of the Gathering presented an opportunity for the leaders to give personal updates and share prayer requests. Challenges such as calendar issues, replacement theology, and antisemitism within congregations were discussed. Members shared encouragement to one another and spent the afternoon praying for one another. One couple shared they had a flat tire in their rental car. After doing some checking, it was found that someone had used “fix a flat” earlier, which disrupted the sensor. It was noted that tires give us traction/propel us in the cycles of life and that temporarily fixing our problems (fix a flat) is like patching the problems rather than fixing the problems. We all inherit things, but we need discernment in order to sense what needs to be fixed.

The business of the second day was a review of BYNA’s Bylaws, Articles of Declaration, Mishpacha Guidelines, and 40 Days of Repentance initiative. The major development of the day was finalization of the Terms of Affiliation. BYNA has sought for several years to establish Affiliations as a way to fulfill our vision of the regathering and reconciliation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel in North America. Under these Terms of Affiliations, individuals, home fellowships, and congregations will receive spiritual covering, resources, and encouragement. BYNA will be accepting Affiliate applications very soon. Look for the announcement as soon as we have the final administrative details worked out!

With the major business of the Gathering completed, on the third day John and Joie gave a tour of the EskDale community including their high school, dairy farm, cemetery, and viewing the harvest of their alfalfa fields. The highlight was an evening of praise and worship with the House of Aaron, under the leadership of the orchestra or gifted musicians from the community. We were blessed beyond words to share in such an awesome evening.

The final day featured an excursion to the Great Basin National Park and Lehman Caves. After a tour of the caves and lunch, we drove as far up Wheeler Peak as possible. We didn’t have an opportunity to hike to the summit at 13,000 feet, but the views at 11,000 feet, where snow was still on the ground, were inspiring!

We discussed many other items during our time together, such as The Israel Summit. BYNA had a table there with books from Key of David, Dr. Suuqina, Dr. Jones, and others. Our discussion focused on how we might better support the efforts of HaYovel and The Israel Guys in promoting support for Israel. We also discussed current happenings in the Land, as well as the possibility of BYNA hosting a conference for our youth.

And then it was time to all return home! Please pray for your Governing Body. More than anything, we want to have ears to hear His voice. We need His leading. No flat tires. No broken sensors.

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