July 30, 2022
Batesburg-Leesville, SC

We are thankful to everyone who made it to the BYNA Family Reunion in Batesburg-Leesville, SC on July 30, 2022. A conservative attendance estimate was around 100 adults and many children!

The gathering started with welcoming everyone and identifying those who had never attended a BYNA Family Reunion. About 8 people raised their hands. We had guests from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas. Tommy presented an overview of the agenda for the day, knowing things could change as the Ruach moved.

At each table, we shared bread and grape juice as we sang the blessings together, then said a prayer thanking YHVH for the day. For the next two hours, people ate the wonderful food provided by those who attended and had many opportunities to meet new people and have many conversations. Something in the atmosphere was different and we observed people interacting with each other either catching up with old or forming new relationships.

A gentleman volunteered to sing the blessing after the meal in Hebrew, and we thanked YHVH for the food. From there we transitioned into a time of protocol. Tommy & I explained the importance of honoring those in the community we live in as well as others. We blessed the children, recognized tribal leaders, and the mayor of Batesburg-Leesville. We recognized home group, fellowship, and congregation leaders in attendance and presented them with a gift. We honored Tzefanyah & Reyyna Pappas who traveled from Georgia and asked them to share how the “National Shabbat” began and how it transitioned to “Family Reunion”. They prayed over Tommy & I and blessed us.

We planned about a half hour of corporate worship that was incredible to witness. People engaged by singing and lifting their hands. A friend was visiting from Texas and brought her beautiful flags and tambourine to share and helped lead us in worship of our King. When the music ended, we asked for people to share testimonies and several people spoke.

While the testimonies were being shared it began to rain so hard on the metal building roof that it was hard to hear. We began to praise YHVH for the rain as it was much needed. We transitioned into a time of singing again while others danced in praise to YHVH. It was wonderful to see so many young people join the circle.

When it was time to bring things to a close, we thanked YHVH for our time together and looked forward to the next Reunion. Cleaning up was a breeze because so many people helped. Thanks to all for their servant hearts! A pleasant surprise was Dorothy reconnecting with a couple she fellowshipped with in Spokane, WA and had not seen since 2005! They lost contact with each other as one moved to Seattle and the other to Hawaii.  This couple moved to Augusta, GA about four months ago and connected with a home fellowship who told them about the reunion. It was a wonderful time of getting reacquainted and finding out they had been involved in organizing similar events. There were several other reports of great connections made and divine appointments experienced.  We are excited about what took place and look forward to the next BYNA Family Reunion.

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