Why are we surprised when catastrophic events change the order of things in the world? Probably because we have detached ourselves from the past. Even if we have studied world-changing events, such as World War II, for example, we have very little connection to how those world-changing events impacted the lives of people like our grandparents and parents. So, when faced with similar world-changing events, we are surprised and have to relearn the lessons they learned through much hardship.

That’s where Barry Miller starts in this concluding segment of our interview with him. As we ponder the changing world of 2022, we see looming food shortages, crazy inflation, government instability, and open warfare between Russia and Ukraine. Is it possible that the national borders and global alliances we have considered stable all our lives are about to shift? If so, what do we do to survive? And are there opportunities to thrive even in such dire circumstances? Those are questions that inform our conversation about Barry’s powerful article, the Missing Manna Moment.  

We would like to see all the answers revealed immediately, but that’s not how our God works. We must learn to trust Him, even in the hardest trials. That’s what Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash called, “Impatience,” and what Jimmie Black and Melody Joy share in their special music.

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