I’ve always heard the saying where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you feel drawn to Israel and feel that God is inviting you to go, then go! Just DO IT! Start making plans. The bible is all about Jesus (Yeshua) and Israel. If it’s in your heart, then HE is inviting you. He is inviting you to make the Bible come to life for you. If it seems impossible, then it’s most likely your clue that you should go. There is always going be an adversary telling you that you can’t. God will and has already placed people strategically in your destiny to help you on your journey. 

I have found that since I began working towards the goal of going to Israel, God has put people right in my midst to help with that. I made the decision to go last August  .. I had no idea anyone in our congregation other than me and another friend wanted to go. My dearest friend Hanoch (Israel’s most dynamic tour guide) was visiting us from Israel. He said, “Jess you should start selling your bread to come to Israel”. He shared with me that a young lady named Sarah who was also visiting us was selling challah bread to help fund her trip. I set on that for quite some time, and I never put forth an effort until I had a dream, which is too long to describe here. 

When I told the other ladies at our church what my friend and I were planning, a couple of them hoped on board too. They had just been waiting to have the chance to go with someone. 

So, we started working to make it happen. Crocheting, baking, Yard Sales, basket raffles, and a family in our church hosted a chili supper to help raise funds. 

We have had people donate to us and some to donate and ask us to place a prayer in the Kotel Wall (Western Wall). What I’m learning is that all of these people helping us are taking part in the blessings. The blessing that is received by accepting the invitation from God to go. 

God is good. … If you put forth effort God will meet you. 

Hanoch Young has been coming to speak at Beit Minorah (our congregation Winchester, KY) for 10 years and we feel it’s time for some of Beit Minorah’s congregants to join him and Mikell Clayton on the journey/ tour of a lifetime. 

I’m just going over Jordan, I’m just going over home.”

The Connect To Israel Tour still has openings but is filling up fast. November 5-17, 2023

Come on board with us. 


Jessica Elam
Winchester, KY

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