It’s been said that no one goes to Israel without first being invited. Have you hungered to taste of her fruits, place your feet upon her ground, feel the warmth of her sun, and perhaps, most impressive of all, receive the blessings of the generous hospitality of her people? Now is the time! This is your invitation to tour the Land of Israel through various biblical tour groups.

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Volunteer with Hayovel – experience Israel’s biblical heartland through faith-based volunteering and tours of Samaria and Judaea.

“Ten from the Nations” Israel Tour. Join us for an unforgettable tour of the Heartland of Israel. July 24- Aug 3, 2023.

Connect to Israel Tour with Mikell Clayton and Hanoch Young November 5-17, 2023. The purpose of the tour is to enable you to fully connect with the Land of Israel, the people of Israel, and most importantly, the God of Israel.

Wisdom in Torah Biblical Tour with Rico Cortez. Let’s explore the land of our King!
November 12-26, 2023.

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