When we discover that Messiah Yeshua never intended to abolish the Law (Torah), we encounter a series of crises that challenge our beliefs. Perhaps the greatest challenge concerns the identity of Yeshua. In church we learned that Yeshua is simultaneously Son of God and Son of Man. What happens when we encounter differing points of view? That’s where we pick up Barry Phillips’ story in this final part of our conversation. His greatest crisis of faith occurred after he became pastor at House of David in Gloucester, Virginia. The outcome of that crisis influenced his roles as teacher at Remnant of Yisrael and Elder of B’ney Yosef North America. 

The challenges to our faith could be considered challenges to our relationship with our Creator. Barry and David investigate that subject in their midrash, “That I May Dwell Among Them.” It’s also a theme in the music we hear from House of Aaron and Will Spires. 


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