We expect to find blatant anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment in places like progressive college campuses and radical Islamic countries, but what are we supposed to do when such sentiment pops up in a public school in rural North Carolina? That’s the question that opens this final part of our conversation with Bev Hall. She also has a heart for her Jewish and Christian family, so when there is misunderstanding, miscommunication, and fear that divides the two, she is eager to step in and heal the breach. In this podcast, we get to hear how she does that.

We should be asking why anti-Semitism today is rising to levels not seen since the 1930s. Is this new, or is it just the latest manifestation of the same spirit that has opposed God’s Covenant People of Israel since the days of the Patriarchs? That’s a good question to think about as we hear Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss “Passover Judgment.” It’s not just a Jewish issue; it’s a problem the whole world must address. That’s what we hear in the music of Teshuva and Solomon Lopez.  

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