The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel are the stuff of myth and legend, right? That’s what prevailing wisdom would say, but that narrative doesn’t fit the facts on the ground. Margot Crossing can testify to that – particularly since she now has a daughter-in-law whose people know they are descendants of the Hebrew tribe of Manasseh. Margot has been researching the migrations of Israel’s tribes through Central Asia, China, and India for nearly 30 years. In this three-part interview, she shares some of her findings, and a new initiative she calls “Ten in Ten,” which invites peoples from around the globe to retrace the steps of the tribes back to Jerusalem in fulfillment of prophecy:

Set up roadmarks for yourself, place guideposts for yourself; direct your mind to the highway, the way by which you went. Return, O virgin of Israel, return to these your cities.  

Jeremiah 31:21 NASB

Is it really time for fulfillment of the prophecies of the Ten Tribes’ return? If so, then we should see a calling and anointing from Israel’s God on people who will walk out that fulfillment. We hear some encouraging perspectives on the oil of anointing and the light of those who bear it in the music of Jimmie Black and Will Spires, and in the midrash of Barry Phillips and David Jones, which they call, “Do You Need an Oil Change?”

To learn more about Margot Crossing’s research into the Lost Tribes of Israel, visit her blog and other resources at the following links:

To learn more about the Ten in Ten initiative, and about the Mizo people and other Lost Book Peoples  mentioned in the interview, check out these documents:

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