Where is the evidence that the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel still exist? Margot Crossing talks about that in this second part of our conversation. It’s there for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, such as her friends of Mizoram in India, and their distant cousins in Kyrgyzstan who proclaim their ancestry from the tribe of Manasseh in their distinct culture, artistry, and language. They are just two of the people groups Margot has encountered who know their Israelite roots, and who are eager to trace them back to Jerusalem.

This is the work of the Holy Spirit of our Creator, Who is calling His people today just as He has done since antiquity. Barry Phillips and David Jones investigate biblical examples of the Spirit’s presence in their midrash, “In the Shadow.” Solomon Lopez and Rut Banks have been singing for a long time about the Presence of the Almighty in His people, and that’s what they share with us in song in this episode.

To learn more about Margot Crossing’s research into the Lost Tribes of Israel, visit her blog and other resources at the following links:

To learn more about the Ten in Ten initiative, and about the Mizo people and other Lost Book Peoples  mentioned in the interview, check out these documents:

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