Is there any possible way that Christians and Jews can find common ground on spiritual matters? Could it be that both need each other to bring the fulfillment of the Divine promises each has awaited all these centuries?  Dean Bye’s answer to both question is “Yes!” He has proven his point in a lifetime of service with and for the Jewish people through Return Ministries, the Aliyah Return Center, and the Altar of Prayer. What more is left to do, and why should Christians everywhere begin to take interest in Israel? That’s the topic in this concluding part of our conversation.

God spoke to the prophets of ancient Israel, and he spoke to the apostles of Israel’s Messiah Yeshua. Does He speak to us today? If so, how? That’s what David Jones and Barry Phillips consider in their midrash called, “Hearing the Voice.” It’s a topic addressed by our musical guests, Samuel & Benjamin Wearp, and Laura Metzing

Check out these links to learn more about Dean’s work and see how you might join him in this Kingdom process of the restoration of all Israel:

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