Remember Cinderella? She’s a servant in her own home, oppressed by her adopted family, and unable to access her true identity as her father’s heir. We like that story because Cinderella finally steps into her noble identity and receives everything that has been kept from her. But it’s a fairy tale, right? Nothing like that could ever happen in real life.

Revis Daggett can tell you that this is no fairy tale for the multitudes of Hidden Jews, or Anusim, of the Americas. As a native of West Texas, she began to encounter clues about these children of Israel whose ancestors hid their identity and fled to the New World in search of refuge from the holocaust of the Spanish Inquisition. In this five-part interview, Revis shares her journey of discovery, not only of the Jewish ancestry of her Hispanic neighbors, but of her own Anusim identity.

Torah is a key component in this journey to discover our Hebraic roots. Contrary to what we may have heard, keeping Torah doesn’t bring us into legalistic bondage, but reorients us to the Law of Freedom. That’s the topic of discussion in the midrash by Barry Phillips and David Jones. As we hear in the music of Dylan White and Will Spires, this is a matter of trust that matures us into a reflection of our Creator.  

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