Does “interfaith” mean what we think it means? Maybe not. That’s the question addressed in this concluding part of our interview with Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz of Israel365 News. He begins with an explanation of why genuine Jewish-Christian dialogue isn’t exactly a priority of those who call for interfaith understanding, and why they may actually oppose such a dialogue. This is another element presented in Eliyahu’s novel, The Master of Return and the Eleventh Light.

It may be that the real issue is one of identity. Does genuine Jewish-Christian dialogue proceed from an understanding of a shared identity of belief and trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? If so, then we share a heritage that goes back to Abraham, and that Abraham’s God calls us to remember. That’s the topic Barry Phillips and David Jones address in their midrash, “This Day Stones,” and that Melody Joy and Jimmie Black explore in music.

The Master of Return and Eliyahu’s other books are available at Root Source at the following links:

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